Songs for All contains free music downloads of several compositions by Brenda C. Kayne. Most of the material includes interfaith, spiritual and secular music for chorus, small ensemble, and vocal ensemble.

You can download PDF files of scores and texts of the music. There are MP3 digitized versions of the music to download as well.

You have the composer’s permission to make copies of any of the files. Please email the composer at when you do so and/or you rehearse and perform any of the pieces.

Please email the composer at if you would like to have any of the music in another key, music for sectional practice, or any other revision necessary for your successful performance.

This site is representative of the composer's work and style, although it does keep evolving. If you would like to become familiar with newer compositions to download or would like to commission a new work for you or your ensemble, please email the composer at

Your donations are welcome. To help support Songs for All, you can donate via PayPal. Thank you!